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Hello! I'm Paul Featherstone

Ever since I was young I have had a fascination with building things. Aged 5 years old I announced to my parents that I wanted to become an architect. Now, instead of creating buildings people love to use I create digital products people love to use. I have 15 years commercial experience across multiple sectors, including 8 years pure digital. I have driven digital strategy development and digital transformation at household names such as HSBC, Experian, DWP and Anchor Trust.

More recently I have founded a social enterprise tec start-up called PartnerPages which uses digital innovation and technology to help connect communities and organisations online through provision of a suite of free digital partnership products and services.

I am the founder of LinkedIn groups including Digital Marketing Leeds and Partner Marketing and a regular speaker and blogger on topics including agile change delivery and digital innovation.

I currently work for leading UK health mutual Benenden leading a great bunch of people who love eCommerce.

My skills span 3 core areas:

Digital strategy & innovation

  • Digital strategy development - driving growth and ROI through product development and customer acquisition
  • digital marketing - comprehensive knowledge of SEO, digital advertising, web analytics
  • digital product development across desktop and mobile
  • development of strategic product & channel roadmaps for multiple devices and platforms
  • Market research, market analysis, feasibility, gap analysis, business case
  • Digital programme and project management
  • Budget management & pricing strategy
  • Leadership - line & matrix management of multi-disciplinary and distributed teams
  • Partnership marketing & B2B

User experience

UX Design Testing - development and management of testing programmes including focus groups, surveys, remote testing Prototyping & wireframing Responsive design approaches

Technical development

Agile product and channel development Product Owner Feature definition and prioritisation Technical innovation Web application development Comprehensive understanding of digital product lifecycle

As well as helping not for profit organisations such as The Silverline develop their digital and partnership strategy, I am also a regular social networker and blogger. You can read some of my guest blogs here. I am very passionate and enthusiastic about what I do and I try to transfer that passion and enthusiasm to those I work with and manage. I'm never happier than when I'm working with a collaborative team and drawing ideas out on a white board!

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