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The growth problem

4 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 5 years of trading with poor cash flow cited as one of the main reasons for failure. Financial issues are often caused by over ambition and growth that is too fast or in the wrong areas, business owners have the drive, belief and determination to make their businesses work, but at what cost?

I help business owners of all sizes grow their businesses in a way which minimises risk of over trading and failure due to lack of ROI. Through careful and efficient validation of business concepts and stable growth in customer revenue base, I help you take forward only the ideas, products and services which your customers need and are willing to pay for. This helps scale up your business in a secure and stable way.

Growth hacking

I use modern techniques built on old fashioned principles to help you profitably grow your business:

  • Growth hacking strategies – rapid experimentation through marketing and product or service design which focuses on efficient growth of user base and draws on multiple skills taken from marketing, technology and business development
  • Validated learning – Lean for startup, POC, test your business ideas and concepts at low cost before investing in people, technology and marketing – uses latest techniques to assess level of demand and revenue potential
  • Community strategies – growing communities of product and service users at low cost to provide a highly engaged database for concept testing, increased sales conversion and increased loyalty
  • Agile methodologies – access agile expertise used in blue-chip, high growth companies; building POCs in a low cost iterative and incremental way
  • eCommerce optimisation – using state-of-the-art technology to maximise conversion to sale through digital channels
  • Rapid Prototyping – prototyping lo-fidelity through to higher fidelity digital products and services so they can be tested early and continuously to provide insight and work with validated learning approach.

I work on the following traditional principles when working with my clients:

Trust, deliver what you promise your customers
Provide excellent service
Make lives better
Be honest
It’s all about great people, relationships and telling your story in a genuine way.

Provide cost effective access to a team of partner consultants who are experts in:

Business start-up and funding
IT and technology
Business partnerships

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