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Closing the experience gap

I recently contributed to the new Drum report on UX which discusses how the biggest future differentiator between brands will be user experience and that user experience is built on analytics.

In the report I talk about how every marketing professional should have the ability to understand the journey customers take when they interact and transact with your organisation and how closely the experience they have matches the experience they expect. It is the gap between that expectation and reality which drives dissatisfaction and abandonment in an eCommence context – the smaller that gap the greater the loyalty and positivity towards the brand.

Success no longer depends on the traditional 4Ps but the user’s experience, we know this is particularly true as millennials consistently tell us experience is paramount. They are not so concerned with what Simon Sinek refers to as manipulations e.g. price and promotions which drive short-term transactions.

Long-term brand loyalty is built on a great experience, thus we see that strong brands can charge high price and rarely if ever run price promotions. Those brands that don’t listen (and I’ll only tell you once) will be on the commercial back foot. The visual representation and story that a brand tells but it is UX which will be a driving force behind how people interacting with your brand will ‘feel’.

Late last year I spoke at Leeds Big Data Week with Katherine Promfret from Alscient about how big data analytics and methods of data collection help underpin the creation of a better experience for customers (thanks Jonny Ross and team for the write up).

In the Drum’s report, sponsor ContentSquare highlight the need for advanced analytics to understand the nature of a user’s experience online using an ever increasing set of interaction and engagement metrics.

So we can see deep customer analytics supporting a data driven highly optimised experience generates brand equity.

I want users to have great transactions and build their long-term loyalty – that’s why I believe in building great experiences for them.

What do you think?


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