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What will digital media look like in 2022?

July 3rd, 2017

I read an article in the Telegraph over the weekend which interviewed BBC Director General Tony Hall ahead of the first ever presentation of an annual report for the corporation, a stipulation in the renegotiated BBC charter. The article talks about what the media landscape will look like in 2022 when the BBC celebrates its’ […]

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    A pot of Wild Robot Tea or Adventures in Tea Shop AI

    March 24th, 2017

    The room is awash with creative types. I’m listening to a conversation between two PR people about a PHD student’s conceptual art work overlayed with one young, possibly Spanish, entrepreneur giving business advice to another and a young girl talking about her new haircut (no tech or creative connection). Young entrepreneur one has just used […]

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      The secret of success is understanding what others need

      March 3rd, 2017

      I briefly listened to Dame Katherine Grainger DBE on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs this morning. Dame Katherine is Britain’s most decorated female Olympian, a world class rower with five Olympic medals, no-one could doubt she is a high achiever and a fantastic role model. But success wasn’t instant for Dame Katherine, she told a […]

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        Closing the experience gap

        February 24th, 2017

        I recently contributed to the new Drum report on UX which discusses how the biggest future differentiator between brands will be user experience and that user experience is built on analytics. In the report I talk about how every marketing professional should have the ability to understand the journey customers take when they interact and […]

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          Drive into the distance – the exciting future world of autonomous vehicles

          January 24th, 2016

          I read today that General Motors are preparing for a time when we don’t buy cars any more. Revolutionary! Imagine a time when the concept of car ownership is defunct. It got me thinking, if we are all to use generic shared automated vehicles then we won’t need out drive ways any more. The non […]

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            A six year old walks into a bar and asks for a router..

            January 23rd, 2016

            Einstein once said “if you can’t explain it to a six year old then you don’t understand it”. It’s so true. Even little known technology brand Apple realised that, I hear that one of their many candidate questions asks “Explain how an internet router works to a six year old”. Fantastic, back to basics and […]

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              Four types of peope that will stop your organisation delivering value

              October 31st, 2015

              I read an article this morning about a high profile UK public sector IT programme that had failed to deliver. Not only had it failed to deliver a working end product, it had also cost three times the original budget. Sadly this is a familiar story to read in the UK which has a long […]

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                Technology and relationships hand in hand, can we digitise healthcare without losing the human touch?

                October 25th, 2015

                My wife and I are expecting our first child in November, it’s an exciting time but also a little scary. Any parents reading this post will likely recall similar feelings when they had their first child, you will also likely remember the importance of having a support network around you. Support from family and friends […]

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                  Cut through the noise! How to produce digital communications that resonate with your target audience

                  October 18th, 2015

                  I was talking to a colleague yesterday about a business start up she had taken from nothing to great success using very little budget and a communications strategy based on content and social marketing. As we chatted I noted there were clear themes in the strategy and was inspired enough by the story to share […]

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                    Why? Why? Why? 3 golden questions from the golden circle

                    February 13th, 2014

                    I watched a presentation by business author Simon Sinek today (thanks to Kathleen Helm for the link) and it really resonated with me for a number of reasons. In the presentation Simon describes his theory of ‘the golden circle’ which places the ‘why?’ we do things at the very heart of good leadership. Using examples […]

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